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ये न ग…

chal maajhya barobar

चालला तू आपल्या मित्रान बरोबर, हसरे सगळे, मस्त मस्ती करत करत. हळूच मागे वळून, शोधलं मला, “ये न ग…” डोळे तुझे म्हणून गेले… मन माझा गेला थांबून, “यायचय मला” सांगून राहिला, अाग्रहाची गरज नाही तुझ्या डोळ्यांकडनं, पण विचारलं त्यांनी, हा विचारच किती… मी अाले ना अाले, फरक आता पडत नाही, तुझं विचारणच् जणु, सगळं काही…

मिल बाँट के …

आखरी टुकड़ा कॅडबरी का, पानी पूरी की एक प्लेट, वह गर्मी के दिनों में, पानी का आखरी घूँट, मिल के बांटना ही आधा-आधा, करता था उन लम्हों को पूरा| सुनूँ मैं अनचाहा गाना, क्यों कि तुझे वह रिझाये, तुम चलो दोस्तों के साथ, क्यों की दोस्त हैं वो मेरे, मिल के करें समझौता आधा-पौना और […]

यूँ पीठ कर दी

यूँ पीठ कर दी मैने तुम्हारी तरफ, क्यों पीठ कर दी मैने तुम्हारी तरफ?   जानती हूँ मैं, तुम ना सह पाओग टपटपाते आँसू, ना देख पाओगे तुम थरथराते होंठ, यूँ पीठ कर दी मैने तुम्हारी तरफ…   पूछोगे तुम, हुआ क्या? देंगे हम मुस्कान बनावटी. सह ना पाओगे, दर्द अनछुपा. यूँ पीठ कर दी […]

Analog Love

“How much do I love her?” she asks. I know not what to say, for my love is not a one nor a zero it is. It is analog, not a line, let alone linear. Each person, each thing, gets not affection on a scale. I can’t plot it on a graph, to fathom it, […]


i felt sixteen, you made me feel that way.   to the world, it sounded vain. me though? you took me to a world far away,   for i always wanted to be sixteen, you know… even when i was sixteen.   come, make me feel sixteen anew. come, let’s be sixteen-ish together again.

the love is always there

She bore you for months nine, She took the pain as you came into the world, She denied you things that you liked, for your own good, For the love was always there.   He was not there the day you were born, He wasn’t around for your successes, that he was providing for, He […]


There was a decent enough clamour around him for a celebrity of his stature. It helped that he was all of tall, dark and handsome and that his white shirt has its two top buttons off. She must have been conspicuous by her simplicity at the glittering party. She was certainly not the kind who […]


soar high with me. not beyond the moon and stars, just two inches above the ground, just two moments of you and me.   that place is safe. from your prying eye, from your own guards, from the limits you set for you.   there’s laughter innocent, it’s baseless and beautiful. there are smiles limitless. […]