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“Owls painted on her room’s wall, an origami owl, an owl locket in her necklace, now she wants an owl tattoo! Doctor, surely her psyche is saying something.” Before the psychiatrist could say anything, the eleven year old said, “Mom, I’m wise in English and quite a fool in Hindi, doesn’t that say it all?” […]


“Sir, market value of your car is Rs. 57,000,” droned the valuator’s mechanical voice on phone, “company calculates salvage at 75%. So Rs. 42,750.” Tears trickled as he mumbled “ok”. “12 years of loyal service”, he thought, “How can they assign a Rupee value?” “So, that’s what he gets attached to?” she wondered, “Inanimate objects.” […]


“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there lived a species which fought against the digital age. They used their digits dexterously to hold an implement that marked thin, flat surfaces – to put their thoughts down or to make images or to humor their imagination,” said my grandchildren to their grandchildren. […]