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“So, heard about the water shortage this year?” She asked like any stand-up comedian would start a joke. “Yyyepp! 30% short. I don’t get these farmers though. If they’ve no rain, let them have water tankers.” She grinned at a booing crowd. “Come on! Wouldn’t Marie Antoinette say that?” Her humor had but one fan. […]


“Owls painted on her room’s wall, an origami owl, an owl locket in her necklace, now she wants an owl tattoo! Doctor, surely her psyche is saying something.” Before the psychiatrist could say anything, the eleven year old said, “Mom, I’m wise in English and quite a fool in Hindi, doesn’t that say it all?” […]


7 tubes hooked her 83 year-old body to some kind of support or another. There were no signs of improvement. She was declared brain dead by the doctors. Only a miracle could save her. Her dearest one visited her every day. He would spend some time with her. Try to make her smile. Say sweet […]

no weekend for the heart

Its aches work hard, for a long, 24×7.   These aches, they know no breaks, they need no off days, they can go at you, hour after hour, endlessly. Relentlessly.   Just like the heart that they belong to.   Just like the heart that they belong to, they do their job on and on […]

basic instinct

Her hand frantically waved to catch the rickshaw-wallah’s attention. She was wearing white and didn’t want to get drenched in this godforsaken, unseasonal rain. There is a time and place for everything, after all. Her usual patience with people who do menial jobs was wearing out. She hated mundane, routine jobs. Her hatred actually fueled […]