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    The moon, she looks so close from here, maybe heaven is too.         Deep in the seas, lies a piece of heaven, I know.                   Maybe like they say, heaven is where we are Only, we haven’t a clue.

Conversations in Macro

How do countries talk to each other? How do skin colors communicate? How do religions engage in dialogue? From one holy book to another? Through pigment-speak of some kind? In one’s language or the other’s? Or do they have a translator or two? Country A and B are in talks together with country C as […]


7 tubes hooked her 83 year-old body to some kind of support or another. There were no signs of improvement. She was declared brain dead by the doctors. Only a miracle could save her. Her dearest one visited her every day. He would spend some time with her. Try to make her smile. Say sweet […]


Stillness, it scares us. Silence disquietens. The wordlessness is disturbing. The quiet quite unnerving. We grab a book, we put on music. A long-pending chore we take on with vengeance. They are our friends – books, music and even chores. They shield us from the silence that shrieks. Protection we need, from the person we’ve […]

emotional mathematics

ten things to do today, one is done, ten things to set right, one is fixed.   ten dresses you like, only one fits, ten dresses that fit, only one you can buy.   a hundred people you meet, you click with one, a hundred you connect with, one grows on you, a hundred times […]

The Flittering Blank

Now it’s here, now it’s gone, the flittering blank that I so long.   Its existence is perfection, its disappearance, a promise to return.   It’s the center. I’m all around. A slight movement, and the blank fills up.   Even if they are colors gorgeous, I yearn for the blank, the blank beautiful.   […]

small and insignificant

Small. Insignificant. That is me. Why do I say that, when it’s all so known? I feel it more today. I feel it more now. No good reason for today or now, just you feel so once in a way. No larger purposes of adding meaning to the universe, or its existence. No aspirations of […]

What are you aiming for?

If there is no supreme authority, everything is a random occurrence. Then, what does it mean to have an objective, when randomness is the ultimate influence? But, if there is indeed a supreme authority, how we live is designed before we live. Then, what does it mean to have an objective, when pleas or determination […]