How do countries talk to each other?
How do skin colors communicate?
How do religions engage in dialogue?
From one holy book to another?
Through pigment-speak of some kind?
In one’s language or the other’s?

Or do they have a translator or two?

Country A and B are in talks together
with country C as mediator*?
What does that even mean?
Browns hate yellows?
Religion H cannot stand religion M?
How does one even know?

Oh! Do they speak in colors?
Symbologies and all?
Would they pick the colors of their flags?
Saffron, White, Green?
Red, White, and Blue?

Would the non-whites wage wars of words?
and will the blues be untruthful?
Is that why the non-reds hate?
Is that why the yellows are happy always?

What if they had a color in common?
Would they happy or sad?
Confused, for all you know.

What if those who decided the colors
got it all wrong?
Who were they to decide anyway?
Representatives, how?

How does one person or few
represent countries, religions and races too?
Does my success or failure
mean that of India’s, Hindus’ and browns’?
Or do I have the cause and effect
all wrong?

How do conversations in macro
take issues anywhere?
How do macro issues
go away?

They don’t, I guess.
No wonder I’m asking away.

*Maybe there is a translator after all?