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क़यामत की बला है ये नींद, जब कभी मायूस गुज़रता है दिन, नहीं आती कि, “क्या कमी थी?” अौर जब खुशी के कुछ पल हो हो दिन में, पलकें मूंदने की तबियत नहीं बनती


I turn and toss, no reason nor rhymes. This ain’t home, but then, I’ve dozed in buses. Colors, rhythms, patterns and smells, warp in and out of sense. Trippy, strippy – this is all at once. Oh, am I that girl with golden locks? Or the princess who felt a pea, twenty mattresses across? * […]

Miss Adventure

This was going to be her first trek on the Himalayas. She loved trekking, but had no proof to back that love. She wanted to answer with loads of adventures when the M TV Roadies guy asked her, "Really? So, tiny adventurous lady, tell me about your adventures." She had to have something more than, […]

Inspired. Or not.

Every day, she expected too much out of life. Every day she wanted to be inspired to do her job. Whatever it is that motivated her yesterday, she lost it today. The universe liked her. It would conspire every once in a while to give her a little happiness, a small smile. She’d make a […]

twisted clichés

These doors. Who clamped them? Who will help me get to the other side? It’s brighter they say. Anything is brighter compared to pitch black, Einstein. It’s a miracle that I’ve reached the door. Getting here was a step. At a time. Everyday. One slow, long yogic movement. Each movement against what has become my […]