Today’s 55-word prompt, “Anguish”, got me thinking in two opposite directions. So here you go, two for the price of one. 😉 Which one did you like better?

* * *

147 Kenyans killed in an university.

Afghan suicide attack kills 17.


Farmer suicides.

Honest officers die. Corrupt politicians thrive.


Not to mention, micro news doesn’t make it to papers – “2,057,839 hearts break today.”


“Tell me again”, looking at her swelling belly, “why are we bringing another person into this world?”

* * *

Change of mood advised. 😛

* * *
003FeelLikeBlueNervous energy pulsated as her pigtails twirled and she turned to see who threw that crumpled piece of paper at her. A dozen 10-year olds giggled as she uncreased a crayoned, red heart. Amidst those many faces was one in anguish that barely looked up.

The teacher smiled, “aah, puppy love…did it cause pain too?”