There was a decent enough clamour around him for a celebrity of his stature. It helped that he was all of tall, dark and handsome and that his white shirt has its two top buttons off.

She must have been conspicuous by her simplicity at the glittering party. She was certainly not the kind who would walk up to him for an autograph or even a formal handshake. But, she found her eyes roving back to him, every few seconds.

He seemed to be superficially comfortable with the attention he received. Running his hands through his hair, looking around inattentively.

She adjusted the open end of her black, cotton sari, and tried to visualise her face with the big black bindi and slightly kohled eyes. She fidgeted with her posture.

As the crowd around him loosened up, he took his chance to, what looked like, leave the party. She couldn’t help follow his firm pace as he crossed her.

He stopped, turned around, walked towards her, “Hi, I’m Arjun.”


“Would you be my one-night stand today?”

“Yes…only that … conditions apply.” “I’ll want an evening filled with romance with you.”