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Missed Connections

An atheist, he was. Today though, he prayed. He had to die. Soon. Green beeping lights, isn’t life. A body connected to tubes isn’t alive. A proud atheist, he prayed – not to God – to mother nature. She missed his call. She was busy killing people in a war, in the name of God. […]


There was a decent enough clamour around him for a celebrity of his stature. It helped that he was all of tall, dark and handsome and that his white shirt has its two top buttons off. She must have been conspicuous by her simplicity at the glittering party. She was certainly not the kind who […]

भीड़ बीच अकेले?

अकेले? कैसे कहें खुद को अकेला, जब रहतें है उनके ही साथ, हमेशा? कब होता है पल अकेला? जब ख़यालो में न आयें, हम उन के? हाँ, उस ख्य़ाल बिना है मन अकेला. बात हुई कोई, जो बतायें किसी को, तो मन हो जाए हल्का शायद, पर ढूढ़ें हम, सिर्फ एक उन्हें उनका छूना, गीला […]


The Mr and the Mrs didn’t get it. Medical tax? What’s that? They had received two notices asking to pay medical taxes worth Rs. 63,028 and Rs. 60,053. They weren’t financially downtrodden, but Rs. 1,22,081 couldn’t be short change for anybody, right? They were accountants who hated rounding off. A rupee + 99, 999 rupees […]


I turn and toss, no reason nor rhymes. This ain’t home, but then, I’ve dozed in buses. Colors, rhythms, patterns and smells, warp in and out of sense. Trippy, strippy – this is all at once. Oh, am I that girl with golden locks? Or the princess who felt a pea, twenty mattresses across? * […]


“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there lived a species which fought against the digital age. They used their digits dexterously to hold an implement that marked thin, flat surfaces – to put their thoughts down or to make images or to humor their imagination,” said my grandchildren to their grandchildren. […]