The clank of the mechanical metal doors meant darkness. Not complete darkness because the dim, hidden bulb announced the inanimate mood such closed environments make. Stark darkness has a quality about it – a sense of solitude that is usually comforting. Comforting because it’s only you have to deal with. This was not stark. It was the kind that one would want to run away from. A gloomy dark gray.

The clank of the mechanical metal doors meant rhythm to him – at least for 8 hours of the day. He tried to live by what a schoolteacher once told him. There are two ways to live life – happily or unhappily. The clank could be noise or rhythm. Today he was in the mood for rhythm.

The clank of the mechanical metal doors meant getting from one floor to the other. No more no less – for most people. Not for him. For him, it was worlds within a world.

* * *

"Oh no! It’s going down. What morons built this thing!? Am I going up or down? Can’t build user-friendly interface…@!*%. Watchman, 3rd".

"Yes, sir."

There you go…Mr. Rocket Scientist of the day! Amazing how there are at least five of these specimens every single day.

Anyway, dude, you just have to loosen your red silk tie. Unbutton the collar that’s threatening to strangle you. Take a deep breath. Let go of what a moron your boss is. Or for that matter, what morons this entire world is made of. Get in the mood to enjoy the movie date with your girlfriend.

AND, like an educated person, press the button marked with an arrow that points up.

"Yes mamma, I am on my way. Uncle, please press 5 number for me?"

"Thank you liftman uncle"

Ha! What an irony! Parents let their 8-9 year old girl be alone in an enclosed dark compartment with a stranger like me. And are happy that she is contactable on phone. Want to have a loneliness competition, hun?

"Your floor, sir."

Whoa, these blocks of iron are s-l-o-w. No need to hit me on your way out!

"Hey wow, lovely blouse. Okay-okay, I know I’m late, a’rite! $%#@ thing went down first."

Yep! All its fault.

"aawww. It’s ok, sweetie-pie. Looks like someone needs a hug after a bad day. Come here."

Lucky b@$t@*d!

And what are you trying to catch from the corner of your eye, curious little girl!

Interesting. As soon as Mr. Rocket-maker made his entry into Ms. Aawww’s …., this little girl moved to the diagonally opposite corner from where I am. Smart girl. At least the parents trained her well. Or maybe it’s just intuitive.

"mammmmma!!" "Thank you, uncle"

"Come, come, come quickly. You’ll get stuck in the doors."

Tch tch tch. You won’t dear, you won’t.

"Hmmm…basement please"

"Whhhat…what hmmm?! What are you thinking? Why aren’t you talking? Did you like the movie?"

"It was brilliant!"

A-ha! Good morning, world. Couple fight #1.


"Then nothing…it was great. O-kay…thank you madam for dragging me here. I am forever obliged. How would I’ve survived if it were not for you and your awesome judgment of entertainment? Geeeeez Sheila."

Teeheehee. But, I still hate it when people leave nothing to my imagination. Oh well…next…

"Hold the door, bhaiyya. Screen 5…yes beta, let me keep this change in and I’ll pick you up. Please stop crying."

Why is the most secure place in our wallets reserved for the least important? Coins – The lowest denomination currency? Penny wise pound foolish. Crying baby vs. storing coins.

"STOP CRYING…If you don’t I’ll cancel your coke and your popcorn, just STOP IT."

Why do they wear dupattas if they can’t handle them? And this four-by-four, doors-with-a-beautiful-view office of mine, ain’t helping this clumsy little…aaaah, there we are…no dupatta and how…stop drooling liftman uncle!

*giggle* *giggle* *giggle* "We should do this more often, Rajeev."

"What? Come for a movie?"

oh! how cheesy…wash that silly smile off your face, it was a lousy line.

*giggle* *giggle* "yeah, that too."

What are you readjusting your neckline for now?! V – an angular geometric shape that makes the most rounded part of a woman’s anatomy look more beautiful. But why does it look more elegant on a straight-backed woman than an easily-amused teenager? Any which way, how does one not stare?! *whew* get out of here…what timing for a ciggy break!

Dear gray metal, handle yourself for a bit, now will ya?

* * *

Who knew clanking metal doors had life? It could be up-down-and-the-emptiness-in-between or it could be full-of-stories. Today he was in the mood for stories.