You told me you won’t hurt me,
but I hurt anyway.

You told me you won’t hurt me,
and I hurt every day.

It must be me I should blame then,
for you wouldn’t hurt me, when you said you won’t.

How do we know it’s not you?
For I feel the pain so.

But then, how would you know what hurts me?
If it’s me, and not you.

It’s not the words you say, it’s those you don’t.
It’s not the things you do, it’s that you don’t.

You may say or you may do,
yet, unknowingly you do…

You hurt me without knowing,
then how can you say, you won’t.

You could say you won’t knowingly,
it’d be the same though, won’t it?

You’d say you won’t hurt me,
and I’d hurt anyway.

You’d say you wouldn’t knowingly,
yet, I’d hurt every day.